Mother Blessing Ceremony

To honor and Bless the mother

A Mother Blessing ceremony is a gathering of the mother-to-be and her closest women family and friends to create a sacred bond of love, support and power as she prepares for the birth and the experience of motherhood. Each ceremony is unique to the mother and any rituals or traditions she is called to. The circle of women initiates a support team in the time of transition and through the powerful experience of birth. Because when the baby is born, a mother is also born, and she too needs to be received, nurtured and supported on her journey. A Mother Blessing is for a first-time mom or a fifth-time time - it doesn't matter how many children she has birthed, each experience is different and sacred.

What To Expect

We begin with a 1 hour consultation to determine the intention of the ceremony, and then plan logistics of time and place, guest list, specific activities and rituals and anything else to be included in the ceremony.

Other services you might want to include in your ceremony

(I do not provide these services, but I can recommend professionals)

  • Photographer

  • Henna painting

  • Tarot or intuitive reading

  • Catering

Here are some ideas for your Mother Blessing ceremony

  • Sacred drumming, singing, music-making

  • Creating prayer ties or blessing bundles

  • Story sharing or reading

  • Dreaming together

  • Creating a flower crown

  • Painting on mother's belly

  • Group Reiki

  • Anything from your own personal or cultural tradition

Services Compensation: $250

Several hours goes into planning, preparing and providing the Mother Blessing Ceremony. The base price for my service is $250, and you may want to hire other professionals to add to the ceremony. Donations/tips from the mother's support circle are welcome and I am open to receiving group payments.

Of course you will feel something, the power of God is moving through you.
— Giuditta Tornetta
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Postnatal Sealing Ceremony

To Close the Energies of Pregnancy and Birth

After the birth of a baby, regardless of the method, a space is open and empty within mother. The Postnatal Sealing Ceremony includes a cleansing ritual, blessings, use of essential oils and/or Reiki if desired, the "closing the bones" ritual and space for processing. The purpose of the ceremony is to close the physical and energetic doorways that were opened during the birth, to nurture the new mother so that she may nurture her new baby and to allow space for processing the events of the birth. After the ceremony, mother may also receive a belly binding which connects and supports this sacred time to the mundane aspects of motherhood.

After baby arrives a date will be set to hold the ceremony. I can come to your home and you only need a small, comfortable space on your floor for the ceremony. We work with and around baby, and I have given the ceremony while wearing a newborn.

The Sealing Ceremony may also be appropriate for pregnancy loss in conjunction with a birth trauma and loss ceremony. This may include a cleansing ritual, Reiki, blessings, the "closing the bones" ritual and space for processing.

Partners or other friends are welcome to attend if desired.

Services Compensation: $250

Donations/tips from the mother's support circle are welcome and I am open to receiving group payments.

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