Do you hate your period?

(Maybe hate is a strong word, but you're a long ways away from being in love with it.)

You’re a woman (or have female anatomy), so it’s pretty inevitable that you have to face this monthly mess one way or another.

What if I told you that menstruation could be blissful? Something that you could look forward to each month! Honoring your menstrual cycle (the WHOLE thing) could even empower you to connect with your soul purpose and instruct you on how to manifest your dreams!

Join our intimate circle to begin to explore the power of your menstrual cycle.

We will explore our inner seasons, emotional and energetic ebbs and flows, and our personal powers and gifts. I will show you how menstruation can be a time of bliss as you begin to connect with your inner knowing and with divine guidance. We will also use essential oils as one tool to assist our work and healing within the cycle.

Are you pregnant? This is for your too.

The Inner Seasons have echos and resonance within many experiences of a woman’s life including pregnancy. Experience the sacred seasons within your pregnancy, birth and postpartum and then take the wisdom into your future menstrual cycles as a new woman.

This event is FREE!!

Space is limited so please RSVP below to reserve your space.

Intro to Cycles & Seasons is taking a summer break. Check back in the fall for more dates.


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NOW AVAILABLE: Dawn’s Archetypal Menstrual Cycle Poster & 2019 Calendar

Dawn’s personal watercolor artwork was inspired by the Wild Power book and the guidance of the inner seasons. Hang this 11x17 poster and calendar where you can be reminded of your powers and tasks as your traverse your monthly cycle.

The poster is available for shipping or for FREE pickup in Greensboro.

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