Welcome to Sacred Rhythms. We are a community, based in Greensboro, NC of woman-identifying seekers who are embodying the Divine Feminine for the healing of ourselves and our world.

We work in yoga classes, in women's circles, in sacred ceremony and one-on-one to discover the power and potential of the Feminine experience. We focus largely on the energy of the Second Chakra which includes fertility, creativity and balanced menstrual cycles; sacred sexuality; pregnancy, birth and motherhood initiations; and self-love, power, worthiness and effortless abundance.

We welcome you to join us for an event or class, and to experience the healing power of community. All you have to do is to show up with an open mind and a willing heart!


Yoga has been a tool for ages to align the physical with the spiritualโ€”the body with mind and soul. With a focus on prenatal yoga in Greensboro, I use practices that draw us into community and communion with the Wild Woman to bring about peace, joy and security for our journey through motherhood.


A doula is a non-medical birth support person. I believe that when a woman is allowed the time and space to move into her personal power, she will have the birth experience she desires. My doula services in Greensboro will help facilitate your desired birthing experience. I also offer Reiki, Mother Blessing ceremonies and Belly Binding.


Reiki is a gentle, relaxing mode of healing facilitated by an attuned practitioner. If you are seeking anew expression of fertility, pregnancy, birth or postpartum this is a safe way to access your body's innate potential for self-healing.

You are a powerful, unique and spiritual person.
You belong in a community of powerful seekers!

Sacred Rhythms is a queer and trans- afirming space.



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Dawnโ€™s Archetypal Menstrual Cycle Poster & 2019 Calendar

Dawnโ€™s personal watercolor artwork was inspired by the Wild Power book and the guidance of the inner seasons. If you havenโ€™t learned about your Wild Power, join us in a FREE Cycles & Seasons workshop each month. Then hang this 11x17 poster and calendar where you can be reminded of your powers and tasks as your traverse your monthly cycle.

The poster is available for $3 shipping or for FREE pickup in Greensboro.

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Reiki for fertility

Reiki is a gentle, relaxing mode of healing facilitated by an attuned practitioner. If you are seeking a new expression of fertility, pregnancy, birth or postpartum Reiki is a safe way to access your body's innate potential for self-healing.


Don't know if you need "healing?" Here are some reasons you may want energy work:

  • You have been trying to get pregnant and you're not sure why you can't

  • You are seeking holistic approaches to healing any fertility, pregnancy or postpartum "dis-ease"

  • You have experienced pregnancy loss and wish to heal this experience

  • You experienced a traumatic birth and wish to heal



Get to know me

Check out this video is from friend and fellow doula Amelia Mattockโ€™s Lunch โ€˜N Learn video series. Thanks Amelia!



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About Dawn

I am passionate about birth! My goal is to remind people how to connect the body, mind and spirit in all aspects of life. Specifically, I focus on the work of birth and how healing our womb space can bring about peace, security and love on Planet Earth. Using traditional and modern tools for connecting to the Source of All Things, I seek to heal the Feminine psyche in the service of humanity and planet Earth. I serve families in Greensboro, North Carolina.




Dawn does a fantastic job tailoring her class to what her participants need. Her experience as a birth doula and a mother herself means sheโ€™s been there, felt that, and can guide you through what you need to feel grounded, confident, and physically well during your pregnancy. I loved her classes and will definitely be back.
— Nichole Gibbs Preyer, prenatal student
I love working with Dawn, her creative spirit shines though all that she does. Her attention to detail and passion are at the forefront of each project she works on. Whether it is a new yoga class she is teaching or when she is coming up with new and beautiful ways to express her clients ideas in a website, print or logo design. I am so grateful to know and work with her. I highly recommend anyone looking for yoga or doula work to spark that relationship. You will be grateful you did!
— Audrey Stephens, Founder of Free Spirits Yoga
I started taking Dawnโ€™s prenatal yoga class soon after finding out we were expecting again after having experienced a miscarriage six months prior. I knew I needed to take action and up my self care this time. Dawnโ€™s class and services allowed me to take a big step in that direction.

Every week Dawn would lead us into an immersive experience that addressed our physical, emotional and spiritual journey as expecting and new mothers. I so valued and needed this time after a stressful workday. Dawnโ€™s classes always stayed with me after each session and I give credit to her guidance and approach for opening me up to face fears and make difficult decisions that have allowed me to be the mother I wanted to become.

I knew I was interested in postpartum belly-binding, so it was great to know that Dawn would be able to provide that service as well!

I am so grateful for the path that Dawnโ€™s services cleared for us as we became new parents. We canโ€™t thank you enough, Dawn!
— SEA, prenatal student
I took Dawnโ€™s prenatal yoga class from the mid first trimester to birth and loved every one. The positions, visualizations, meditations and breathing exercises were great for my first time mom worries, busy mind and strange body aches. Dawn individualized the the sequences based on my (and other mamasโ€™) needs/trimesters and I felt good, mentally and physically after each class. These classes definitely helped me prepare for a satisfying birth experience and gave me better techniques to face the challenges and general stresses that came with my pregnancy. The postpartum classes are great too its just harder to get to those with a new baby!
— Cindy Flowers, prenatal student
Thanks Dawn for your wonderful spiritual healing work. I have had a trial to beat all and I donโ€™t know how I would have managed with out you. ~Thank you for everything!!
— EB, prenatal and reiki client