Dawn Leonard is a certified prenatal yoga instructor, and birth and fertility doula in Greensboro, NC. Yoga Services include prenatal yoga, postnatal yoga, childbirth workshops and yoga for conscious conception. Doula services include birth doula, fertility doula, mother blessing ceremonies, postpartum sealing ceremonies and postpartum belly binding.


Yoga has been a tool for ages to align the physical with the spiritual—the body with mind and soul. With a focus on prenatal yoga in Greensboro, I use practices that draw us into community and communion with the Wild Woman to bring about peace, joy and security for our journey through motherhood.


A doula is a non-medical birth support person. I believe that when a woman is allowed the time and space to move into her personal power, she will have the birth experience she desires. My doula services in Greensboro will help facilitate your desired birthing experience. I also offer Reiki, Mother Blessing ceremonies and Belly Binding.


Holding ceremony brings us together in our power to create magic! We can hold ceremony to honor the arrival of menstruation or the moon cycle, to honor the union of love or any other event in which a transformation happens. By setting aside time, gathering together a circle of support and creating intention, we can infuse life with power and joy.

You are a powerful, unique and spiritual person. Your birth experience is powerful and unique too. You belong in a community of powerful women!



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About Dawn

I am passionate about birth! My goal is to remind people how to connect the body, mind and spirit in all aspects of life. Specifically, I focus on the work of birth and how birth can bring about peace, security and love on Planet Earth. Using traditional and modern tools for connecting to the Source of All Things, I seek to heal the Feminine psyche in the service of humanity and planet Earth. I serve families in Greensboro, North Carolina.


I love working with Dawn, her creative spirit shines though all that she does. Her attention to detail and passion are at the forefront of each project she works on. Whether it is a new yoga class she is teaching or when she is coming up with new and beautiful ways to express her clients ideas in a website, print or logo design. I am so grateful to know and work with her. I highly recommend anyone looking for yoga or doula work to spark that relationship. You will be grateful you did!
— Audrey Stephens, Founder of Free Spirits Yoga
I took Dawn’s prenatal yoga class from the mid first trimester to birth and loved every one. The positions, visualizations, meditations and breathing exercises were great for my first time mom worries, busy mind and strange body aches. Dawn individualized the the sequences based on my (and other mamas’) needs/trimesters and I felt good, mentally and physically after each class. These classes definitely helped me prepare for a satisfying birth experience and gave me better techniques to face the challenges and general stresses that came with my pregnancy. The postpartum classes are great too its just harder to get to those with a new baby!
— Cindy Flowers, prenatal student