Yoga Classes, Workshops and Private Sessions

Prenatal Yoga

Wednesdays, 6-7:30pm
Magnolia Birth Center
2122 Enterprise Rd
Greensboro, NC

You are pregnant and your body is changing so fast! If this is your first birth, you're probably wondering what is happening, and what will birth be like? If you've birthed before, you may wish to prepare consciously for your next birth. Using the tools of yoga, I invite you to connect with your body, your baby and your intuition, to prepare for birth and motherhood.

In class you can expect to move with your breath and intention in a slow flowing practice with gentle opening, strengthening, breathing visualization and relaxation techniques. All of the work we do in class will help prepare you for a peaceful and joyful experience of birth.

Classes are $15 for a drop-in.
Class packages are available (8 classes for $100 or 4 classes for $54)
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Women's Circle

June 30, 7-9pm
1017 Wharton St.

Join us for a time of woman-centered sharing, creating, healing, empowerment and transformation. While honoring our sisters of the past, we come together to heal and create new ways forward for women and the Earth. Dawn Leonard, creator of Sacred Rhythms, will facilitate this gathering at the Lotus Center. Please wear comfortable clothing for sitting on the floor, and an open heart and mind. Bring a drum or other instrument if you have one. All women (trans, queer and cis) are welcome.

Mindful Pregnancy Meditation

By Appointment

Group or individual sessions available

You are pregnant and your body is changing! And so is your mind, and your emotions are on a roller coaster. The time of pregnancy can fly by if we don't actively take time to rest, relax and prepare for birth and motherhood.

Come prepare yourself for the act of birth by letting go of fear, learning how to turn off your racing thoughts, and turning your focus inward. You will visualize, breath and relax your way to a healthy, powerful birth.

Suggested abundance offering is $25.

Fertility Doula (Yoga, Reiki and Energy Healing)

By Appointment

Are you trying to conceive? Have you had a miscarriage? Wondering why it is or is not happening? Our soul communicates to us in many way. One of those channels is the body. If you are having trouble conceiving or keeping a baby, it may be a message from your Soul asking you to change or heal something in your life. Fertility requires a healthy body, mental clarity and spiritual peace. Using postures to enhance fertility, meditation to open the mind and reiki to begin healing, a one-on-one session will allow you to look deep within and discover your potential to heal and conceive.

New client session is $120 for a 2-hour session. Multi-session packages are available.

Malas & Meditation for Motherhood

Date: TBA
1017 Wharton St.

The theme for this workshop is fertility, conception, creativity and divine feminine wisdom. If you are working with any of these energies, your mala (i.e., Tibetan prayer beads) will be an empowering tool for the manifestation of your desires through intention, vision, ritual and meditation. This special mala workshop will be co-facilitate by Anahita Kalianivala of Mind Your Peace and Hues and Dawn Leonard of Sacred Rhythms.

Partners Playshop of Yoga & Massage for Parenthood

Date: TBA
Magnolia Birth Center
2122 Enterprise Rd

Join Gabriela Spang, LMBT and certified infant massage educator, and Dawn Leonard, E-RYT200 to learn nurturing touch and bonding techniques for parents and infants to prepare for birth and parenting. In this 6-hr playshop, Dawn will lead us in a couples yoga practice to facilitate the attunement of birth partner with mother, and a meditation practice for pain management in labor. Gabriela will lead us in partners massage and teach techniques of infant massage to empower parents to connect with their infant. Any birth partners welcome.

$100/ couple (includes catered lunch)


The Path To Your Inner Guide: My Yoga Philosophy

The purpose of yoga, as stated by the ancient sages, is to bring the Individual Self into union with the Universal Self. Yoga has been a tool for ages to align the physical with the spiritual—the body with mind and soul. As a society and world at the cusp of spiritual evolution, the tools of asana (postures), pranayama (breathing techniques) and meditation are important aspects of this revolution. However, the Indian sages don't hold a monopoly on this truth: we are ready to hear the truth of all wisdom traditions and create a new path forward.

Being rooted in tradition is a stabilizing and grounding force. However, being overly rigid about any philosophy or teaching can hold us back from the truth and from personal healing. I teach from a foundation of alignment, having studied with many Iyengar teachers. And I teach from a place of personal knowing, healing and freedom that allows for students to discover the same for themselves.

I began practicing yoga in 2005, studying with alignment-based and Iyengar instructors. In 2008, I received my RYT-200hr teaching certificate from Triad Yoga. For 5 years I was blessed to teach the students at Guilford College the asana and philosophy of Raja Yoga. In my personal practice I have always used yoga as a spiritual guide, but when I decided to study with Audrey Stephens, founder of Free Spirits Yoga, my spiritual practice accelerated exponentially. I was able to let go of some of my rigidity and become receptive to many styles of asana and ultimately to guidance from the Spirit Realm.

While studying with Audrey, especially the prenatal class, I began to incorporate other styles of asana into my practice and classes. What we currently call yoga is far from the original practice. However, when we use the physical posture, breath practices, visualizations and meditation to bring us into a state of receptivity to Spirit and our Higher Selves, we are doing the work of growth and evolution that is necessary for healing of the planet.