Connecting with the Body at the Second Chakra

I’d like to talk today about the second chakra, and its energetic place in our lives. As you may know, the chakras are energy centers within and surrounding the body. In fact, our physical body lives entirely within our auric (energy) body. Each of the chakras corresponds to certain levels of awareness and types of energy. My intention is not to give a full lesson on the chakra system, but to make you aware of the specific energy of the second chakra.

Why do the energy centers or chakras matter to us anyway? Well, here is a secret: your physical ailments, aches, pains and disease are all manifestations of the energy that has been stored, stuck or repressed throughout your life. Since we are not a culture that openly respects and honors the practice of listening to our intuition (which is the inner guidance system of our soul's desires), often those desires, dreams or traumas manifest as illness or disease.

if you can't hear or don't listen to your intuition, your body will give you more persistent information. It may appear cryptic to the untrained eye, but there are many resources for understanding how/why the body manifests dis-ease. Everything that is physical exists in the Energetic (Spirit) Realm first. Our thoughts, our emotions and ideas are energetic. When we don't process emotions, they get stuck in the body and eventually manifest as illness or disease. If ideas or soul desires present themselves and we don't act upon them, that energy is also stored in the body and can manifest in illness or disease.

Can you imagine how sexual trauma, the inability to freely express our creativity or a feeling of powerlessness in our lives might manifest itself? Let me tell you how.

Svadhistana Chakra (the second chakra or Sacral Chakra) energy is that of sexuality, sensuality, creativity, fertility, power and money. The physical region is the sacrum, pelvis and all reproductive organs: uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes, vagina, vulva, testicles, sperm/semen, prostate, penis, and all the connective tissue within and surrounding the reproductive organs. Therefore an energetic imbalance in our lives relating to sex, power, money or creativity may manifest as disease or illness within the pelvis, reproductive organs or the menstrual cycle.

Not surprisingly, the majority of women have some discomfort at some time during their monthly cycles because, up until quite recently, we've lived in a hyper-masculine society hell-bent on stripping women of all the power of our feminine nature, not the least of which is the ability to bleed monthly without dying. In prehistoric times this was truly magical!

How does your monthly cycle ebb and flow? I'm not just talking about your period. I'm asking if there are times in the month when you feeling like a raging monster, or you can't stop eating doughnuts, or you don't have the energy to get out of bed in the morning. All throughout the month. Also, are you experiencing infertility or have you received a reproductive health diagnosis? You may even already be pregnant but are experiencing strong symptoms and discomfort. If your menstrual cycle or reproductive health is less than what you desire, there may be an opportunity for you to listen more closely to your intuition, and to address some buried emotions or desires.

Do you want to listen more deeply? Do you want to decipher the messages of your body? I have several tools for you including yoga and reiki. I am also working on an online course that will offer you several tools to connect with your monthly cycle, your second chakra and your Inner Guidance.

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