The time to heal your birth story is now

How do you feel when you tell you children's birth stories? Are they full of joy, pride and peace? Are there parts of the story that turn your stomach in knots, make you cry or livid with anger? If so, you probably had a traumatic birth experience and you don't have live with that trauma.

The phrase "all that matters is that you have a healthy baby" is absolutely not true! You as a mother matter and so does your experience (for that matter, baby's experience also matters and may need its own healing).

If you are still reading, this situation must resonate with you and this is your opportunity to change the way you feel about your birth.

Healing After Birth Circle

Sunday, January 14 • 11am-noon
Free Spirits Yoga
337 MLK Jr Dr, Greensboro

It doesn't matter whether the trauma or loss occured a few months ago or years ago, you are welcome to join us in this safe space.

Suggested offering of $25 (other abundance exchange is welcome and no one will be turned away for lack of funds).

Pre-registration is required.

Dawn Leonard

Dawn Leonard Design, Greensboro, NC, USA