Ideal Birth

When it comes to sports, we know that we have to practice in order to know what we're doing. This applies to other physical things, like practicing an instrument. In fact, anything that we do physically OR mentally requires practice in order to gain mastery. Well, I'm not suggesting that we need to master birth, but it sure would be nice if we could practice it! If, for the first birth, we had any idea of what we are doing!

The good news is that your body knows what to do. What we need to practice is actually the mental and emotional "work" of labor. And its some of the hardest work we do mentally because it is actually non-work. The experience of birth requires a passive mind. It requires the thinking mind to take a seat and be quiet. How do we practice that? Meditation.

As my teacher says, "meditate every day. Meditate every day. Meditate every day..."

I've recorded a guided meditation that takes you through your dream/ideal birth. This is not your dream birth in the hospital. This is your I-can-fly kind of ideal meditation. Get comfortable and enjoy. Practice this as many times as you want, making changes, being receptive to new experiences and dreaming through your ideal birth.